Where can I download the app?

Appstore and Android market.

Do I have to be an organ donor?

It’s up to you, but remember, you can potentially take many lives with you to your grave if you’re not.

How long does my code last?

Your code is unique, and it last the rest of your beautiful life.

I don’t want to use AID LOCK anymore, what do I do?

We are very sorry to hear that, because this means everything to so many. Go in your app, and find the delete button on your information page. And all your information will be deleted.

How is my sensitive information stored? Is it safe?

All your sensitive information is stored on an advanced server, that no one from the outside can gain access to, not even us.

Can anyone see my information?

It’s only Health Care Personnel who can see your information when your life and health depends on it. If this happens you will be notified.

Do I need to get the tattoo?

If you don’t want a meaningful and lifesaving tattoo on your body, you can use the app alongside the wristband.

I can’t log in?

First make sure your registration is completed, if that doesn’t work make sure your password is correct and try it again.

Still a problem? Contact us at Help@aid-lock.com

Are there more tattoo designs on the way?

NO! Keep it simple, keep it safe! This way and this way only, the healthcare personnel will be able to recognize your tattoo.

I haven’t got my order yet?

Every package is unique and personal, as a result it can take up to 6 weeks.

What is AID KEY?

AID KEY is an app that healthcare personnel use to gain access to your information.

Where do I gain access to AID KEY?

It’s only approved healthcare personnel who have access. If your work place hasn’t received  mail from us, please contact us at


I didn’t get a confirmation on my mail after registration?

Check that your email address has been typed correctly and try again. If it still not received, please contact us at