Health Care Personnel

AID KEY is a search engine APP designed to make the day a little less stressful for healthcare professionals. Every AID LOCK user carries a 7-digit code either as a tattoo (on the wrist or ankle), a wristband, a cellphone lock screen or all three. In an emergency this code can be entered into the AID KEY APP, and information like name, address, age, gender, phone number, insurance number, weight, height, organ donor status, organ witnesses, next of kin, blood type, allergies and reactions, conditions, medications in use, Fitzpatrick skin type, personal physician, physician’s office, any other free text the patient supplies and a profile picture is retrieved in seconds. Our goal is to deliver timely first aid information regardless of who the patient is or what condition he or she is in. 

To use the APP, you must:
1.     Be a licensed healthcare professional and currently practice medicine.
2.     Download the APP.
3.     Complete registration.
4.     Seek approval from the IT manager at the medical establishment where you work.*
5.     Use patient search codes in case of emergency or to determine ID or organ donor status. 
*For security reasons the APP must be approved by the IT manager at your place of work, who will be given access to our system. This is to stop malicious registration and use of AID KEY. If you don’t know who your IT manager is, or he or she does not have access, please contact us by email.
                                PLEASE NOTE
AID KEY is primarily designed to assist paramedics and organ transplant coordinators, but if you practice medicine and believe our system could be beneficial to you, we would be delighted if you chose to use it. We are currently working on a solution for 100% correct first aid information, which will benefit all healthcare professionals.