We are constantly working to keep the Company’s website, products and services secure and reliable.

Your personal information can only be viewed by approved health personnel with access to your personal code, which only you can give. This information will only be used in case of emergency. If your code has been searched on you will receive an email warning. If your code has been searched on and it is NOT a case of an emergency, you should report this and it will be treated as an invasion of privacy. The person responsible will be banned from AID LOCK. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, your information can not be sold or given to third parties or governments. AID LOCK’s administrators only have access to contact information, age and gender, in order to provide our services.

The Company uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt the registered personal information, such as name, address, as well as sensitive personal information such as health information. We don`t store credit card information. The Company has partnered with an industry leader in online security to ensure the safety of the Company’s products and services.

Data stored in the database is encrypted. In other words, the data cannot be read directly out of the database without having a key to unlock the data.

- Symmetric encryption with AES 256 bit strength

- Symmetric key is stored in the Software outside Public domain.

Traffic going to and from the service is also encrypted by placing the traffic on HTTPS and on a SSL certificate.

- All traffic between the client (website, mobile application, any desktop applications, etc.) and the server will go through a secure SSL line

- SSL certificate with 2048 bit encryption

In addition, we store sensitive information outside the person table so the administrator only has access to personal information and not to the fields that are related to sensitive information. Communication between these areas will also use encryption with AES 256 bits strength.