Terms and conditions for Health professionals


Last changes made 18. July 2016

Terms and Conditions for Healthcare Personnel

Welcome to AID LOCK


This agreement was written in Norwegian (NOR). To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the Norwegian version, the original Norwegian version will take precedence.


Thank you for using our product and services. Products and services from AID LOCK is delivered by AID LOCK AS with business address at PO Box 3, 5480 Husnes, Norway.

Hereinafter, AID LOCK AS is referred to as the Company.

By using our services, you agree to these terms. You are encouraged by this to read the terms carefully

For each service, additional conditions may follow. Additional terms will be made available along with the relevant services, and thus becomes a part of your agreement with the Company.

1.    Purpose

The Company’s products and services are designed to provide the displaying of information and important health information in the communication between you as a healthcare personnel and the user, and to offer services that are voluntary to use.

The purpose of storing the data is that it may be retrieved by the person who has registered it as well as by healthcare personnel if an accident occurs.

2.    Definitions – In the context of these Terms and Conditions

“Personal information” means information and assessments that can be linked to you as an individual. Under the concept of “personal information”, it also in terms and conditions includes “sensitive personal information”, which covers health information about you as an individual.


Under terms and conditions, “person register” is defined as registries where personal information is systematically stored so that information about the individual can be retrieved. The term “registered individual” refers to the one the personal information relates to.

3.    Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. AID LOCK AS has some basic principles:

a)     We do not ask for your personal information unless we need it in order to offer you the products or services you have requested by registering with us.

b)     The Company neither collects nor stores personal information about you as an individual unless you have voluntarily chosen to register such information.

c)     Personal data shall only be stored and may only be modified by the individual who originally entered the data.

d)     We will not share your personal information with anyone or anything that is contrary to its purpose.

e)     We treat personal information about you as an individual safely and with the highest confidentiality.



The website and the Company’s products and services are subject to and relate to Norwegian law, including legislation and other legal conditions in privacy, health and copyright. By registering with us, you have chosen to accept our terms and conditions, including that the company has registered personal information about you in our personal register, which occasionally may be used by healthcare professionals, who have access to our products and services. This can also, depending on the information you have chosen to enter, include sensitive personal data.




4.    Sharing of Content and Information


You own all content and information you have entered on the Company’s website, products and services. You can always manage how this is shared through the settings for privacy and applications.


Upon acceptance of the Company’s term, you agree to that the company being granted access to security information/documentation in order the Company to fulfill its responsibilities under law and regulations. The Company, unless otherwise provided by law, has the right to access personal information for this purpose.


If you delete confidential content, it is deleted in a manner similar to when you empty the Recycle Bin on a computer. By accepting our terms, you acknowledge that removed content may still be stored as a backup for a reasonable amount of time.



5.    Registration and Account Security


We are constantly working to keep the Company's website, products and services secure and reliable.


The Company uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt the user's registered personal information such as name, address, so well as sensitive personal information such as health information. The Company has partnered with one of the leaders in online security, to ensure the safety of the Company’s products and services.


Data stored in the database is encrypted. In other words, the data cannot be read directly out of the base without having a key to unlock the information.

- Symmetric encryption with AES 256-bit strength.

- Symmetric key is stored in software outside public domain.


Traffic going to and from the solution is encrypted also by the fact that we place the traffic on HTTPS and with a SSL certificate.

- All traffic between the client (webpage, mobile application, any desktop applications, etc.) and server will go over secure SSL line

- SSL certificate with 2048-bit encryption.


In addition, we store sensitive information outside the person table, so the administrator only has access to personal information and not to the fields that contain sensitive information.

Communication between these areas will also use encryption with AES 256 -bit strength.


The company is not held liable for whether the personal information of the data subject, your personal information, is correct and accurate. As a registered individual in the Company’s products and services, it is your responsibility as a user to provide your real name as well as correct information about you as a user/registered individual. The following obligations apply to you as a user of the Company’s website, products and services:


a)     You shall not provide false personal information on the Company's website, products and services.

b)     You shall not create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

c)     You shall not create more than one personal account.

d)     If we deactivate your account, you shall not create a new one without our permission.

e)     You shall ensure that your personal information, including and especially those of sensitive nature, are accurate and updated.

f)      You shall not share your password with anyone or let someone else access your account, except approved health personnel.  

g)     You shall not transfer/assign your account.

h)     You as healthcare personnel shall not search on user codes unless there is a situation where a user needs help.

i)      You as healthcare personnel shall not use our product and services unless it is for helping a user.

j)      You should know that the user will get an notification when somebody has searched on there code. It will be registred whoever was behind the search.

k)     You shall not show/share sensitive information or any information you find in our product and services.

l)      You should know that if somebody violates or missuses our search function, we are notified whoever has searched for whom.




6.    Provisions for software


If you use or download the Company's software, such as company applications (app), you acknowledge that the software from time to time may download and install updates/upgrades and additional functions so that we can improve and develop our software.


7.    Changes


If the Company changes the terms or conditions of the Company's products and services, we will give you as a user a message, and we'll give you the opportunity to review and approve the revised terms. Such changes in the terms, will be announced on the Company's website under the terms/privacy in good time before the changes eventually occur.


8.    Payment


We will make payments to AID LOCK convenient and simple, so you can fund your transactions using a variety of sources, including credit cards, debit cards and other payment methods. Here a subcontractor will be used with this responsibility.


9.    Termination/Cancellation


If the registered individual violates company terms and spirit, or otherwise expose the company to risk or possible legal liability, the Company may block the registered individual’s to the Company's products or services, or its parts.


The Company will notify the registered individual about this by e -mail or upon logging into the account. The registered individual may also terminate/delete the account or disable applications by notifying the cancellation to the Company. The Company’s information processors will remove personal information from the registered individual if they no longer wish to participate in the Company's services.




10. Legal Matters


All questions, which may arise regarding the content and use of the pages, are governed by Norwegian law .


AID LOCK AS owns the website AID LOCK, including the products and services offered by the Company. Unless the rights of a third party, AID LOCK AS retains ownership, copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights related to the website, as well as products and services offered by the Company.


Any links to external sites on the Company's website are not subject to Company’s terms and conditions. Such websites, with its content, is subject to separate terms of use, which will appear on the respective websites. The company takes no responsibility for the content or terms. You shall not modify, create derivative works or copy the source code of the Company, the website and applications.




11. Contact AID LOCK


AID LOCK want you as a registered user or stakeholder to feel free to ask questions or comment on our terms. Inquiries regarding company terms should be addressed to: